Coolie Topper FAQ

1. Q: How do I install the Coolie Topper?

    A: That’s easy, just place your drink into your insulated drink holder, pull the wider bottom cuff of the Coolie Topper over the top of your drink and down over the top lip of your insulated drink holder. Now you are ready to enjoy your drink knowing it will stay colder longer!

2. Q: How do I change my empty drink for a new one?

    A: Well there are 2 ways to change out your drinks with your Coolie Topper:

        (1) Roll the top cuff of Coolie Topper down completely over your insulated drink holder, remove and replace your drink and roll the Coolie Topper back up over your new drink and enjoy!

        (2) Roll the bottom cuff of your Coolie Topper up and off of your empty drink, replace your drink into your insulated drink holder and put your Coolie Topper on the new drink (see Q. 1).


3. Q: Is the Coolie Topper machine washable and dryer safe?

    A: Yes! The Coolie Topper is machine washable and dryer friendly! You can just throw it in with your regular laundry.

4. Q: Can I use the Coolie Topper in the Winter as well?

    A: Sure can! We have used it in the winter while enjoying the outdoors in the freezing cold Canadian weather, and found that it keeps your drink from freezing up and provides a great grip. It especially helps the grip of mitten wearers, preventing tragic slipping bottles or cans. Also, if you are not wearing gloves or mittens it helps keep your hands warmer.

5. Q: Can I use the Coolie Topper for warm drinks as well?

    A: Yes the Coolie Topper helps keep warm drinks warmer longer too. The Coolie Topper can be used on some warm drink containers such as baby bottles and some insulated containers (without handles). DO NOT use the Coolie Topper on disposable/recyclable paper, styrofoam or any thin walled plastic drinking cups. These thin walled drink containers are at risk of spilling or collapsing.

6. Q: Is the Coolie Topper only for alcoholic drinks?

    A: No, the Coolie Topper can be used for all drinks in containers it will fit, such as: water, soda pop, energy drinks, juices and whatever you enjoy. It will fit up to 700ml cans.

7. Q: What if my Coolie Topper slips off my insulated beverage holder?

    A: Some insulated beverage holders are a bit slippery, but we found that if you add four 1″H x 0.5″W hook and loop fastener strips (such as Velcro) equally spaced around the top of your insulated beverage holder it will help keep your Coolie Topper in place. The Coolie Topper material will stick to the coarse side of the fastener strips (no need to use the soft side).

We hope this helps, and you all can enjoy your drinks with your Coolie Toppers!

Coolie Topper Keeps Your Drinks Colder Longer, so you can enjoy the moment

~ Cheers! ~