Our Story

Our Story: The Creation of the Coolie Topper

How the Coolie Topper came to be, well a few years ago my wife and I were sitting out on our deck cooking dinner on the BBQ and enjoying some drinks. Well, at least she was trying to enjoy her drink – her favourite kind – a cooler which usually are smaller in size and do not fit snugly in an insulated drink holder. So every time she went to pick up her drink the drink holder would fall off or go flying across the deck!! This drove her crazy! That’s when I thought of making a flexible, stretchable sleeve that she could pull down over her drink and holder to keep it secure. Now since it was a fabric blend it felt a little slippery on the bottles’ so I figured it needed anti-slip dots to provide a better grip, and that made it work perfectly! Now she was enjoying her drinks without losing the drink holder and as a bonus too, we discovered that it also provided extra coverage and insulation to the beverage keeping it colder longer! Bonus!

We started to try using the Coolie Topper on all shapes, sizes and types of cans, bottles and other drink containers to see how it would work with a variety of drink containers. It worked awesomely on a wide variety of beverages; because of it’s unique design it can stretch and conform and has anti-slip dots for an excellent, comfortable grip.

When we sent our product out for others to try we received such wonderful feedback. We found that many people were enjoying using the Coolie Topper both with an insulated beverage holder and some used it on it’s own. WOW! That was more than we expected, and people love the convenience of how small and compact Coolie Toppers are. They can easily be carried in a pocket to be used at anytime they need it!

We do find that the Coolie Topper works best as originally intended; paired with  an insulated beverage holder, but if you are happy with it on its own, well that’s awesome too! We hope you can experience the joy of the Coolie Topper too, and hope to see everyone enjoying their cold drinks longer along with the Coolie Topper ~ CHEERS ~ !!

Watch our video on why the Coolie Topper was made

Coolie Topper Keeps Your Drinks Colder Longer, so you can enjoy the moment

~ Cheers! ~