Coolie Topper's Patented Design

Pair with or replace traditional insulated beverage holders!

*The Coolie Topper keeps drinks over 50% colder per the results of proprietary testing. Individual results may vary. See our temperature test details at

  • Fits many sizes and shapes of beverage containers.

    Stretchable and Flexible

    Fits most bottles and cans i.e. water bottle, pop, energy drinks, beer, coolers and more!

  • Anti-slip dot design.

    Secure and Comfortable Grip

    Designed with anti-slip dots that comform to the shape of your beverage container & keeps smaller bottles secure in your insulated cup holders.

  • Prevents your drink from perspiring.

    Keeps Dry

    Prevents condensation drops from accumulating. Keeping you dry and your grip more secure.

The One Size Fits All Beverage Insulator!
We keep your drink colder longer!

Coolie Topper Keeps Your Drinks Colder Longer, so you can enjoy the moment

~ Cheers! ~