Temperature Tested for the Summer Heat

Ok , here’s the scenario,  it’s a beautiful hot summers day and we are planning on having a nice BBQ dinner, and like most people we enjoy a nice cold beverage while we are grilling. So I go to the fridge to grab a couple of cold ones and place them in my insulated beverage holders outside, and then proceed to get the BBQ ready. First I gotta light the BBQ and get it warming up, then I go inside and gather all the stuff that I’ll need for the BBQ, food, utensils,  and BBQ sauce, and bring it all outside. Check BBQ and put food on the grill , adjust the temperature , throw on some tunes and go grab our beverages.

WOW!! Hard to believe it took me 24 minutes to prep the BBQ, while my once ice cold drinks were just sitting there getting warmer by the minute (as the following pictures show). I was very pleased to see that the drink covered with the Coolie Topper was significantly colder than the one without the extra coverage and I was able to enjoy that first cold sip!! As for the other one…..ugh NO IT’S WARM!! It truly is the difference between a refreshing Aaahhh and yuck!

SO here’s to keeping you covered with the COOLIE TOPPER and enjoying your cold drinks the way it was meant to be!

Here’s to keeping your drink cold from the first sip to the last!

~ Cheers! ~

Thermometer outside for our temperature test at 4:21 p.m. shows 26 degrees Celsius.

Our Test Took Place on a Warm Summer Day

26.6 degrees celsius (80 Fahrenheit)

Step 1: Initial Temperature Check

Checking the starting temperature of the bottle that will have the Coolie Topper on it for the test.

The bottle that will have a Coolie Topper started at 33.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Checking the starting temperature of the bottle that will not have a Coolie Topper on for our test.

The non-Coolie Topper bottle started at a lower temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2: We Wait...

24 Minutes Pass...

The Coolie Topper went on and we waited 24 minutes before checking the temperatures again.

Step 3: Final Temperature Check

Checking the temperature of the bottle that had the Coolie Topper during the test.

After 24 minutes the Coolie Topper bottle is 48.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Checking the temperature of the bottle that did not have the Coolie Topper during the test.

After 24 minutes the non-Coolie Topper bottle is 62.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Verdict

The drink with the Coolie Topper stayed colder increasing in temperature only 44.3% while the other drink nearly doubled with a 96.6% increase in temperature. The Coolie Topper kept the drink 52% cooler and refreshing!

Testing done by Nukken Futzman Enterprises.

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~ Cheers! ~